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kelly's home school

updated wed 29 mar 06


mel jacobson on tue 28 mar 06

i think kelly is doing very well at home schooling.
she gets my A+/

i got a letter yesterday from the most adorable little girl
in the world.

a thank you note for the pot i sent home from nceca for
darling molly.

it reads as follows:

dear mel,
thank you for the bowl, i really like it.
miss bianca likes it too. signed/ molly
drawing of her mouse with a balloon with

the one pot i made sure i had in my luggage
was the one for molly.
a tiny, animal sized, feeding bowl.
just for molly's friends.
it is amazing being a crafts person and
knowing folks that you care about get a
tiny piece of you from time to time.

i agree with david hendley...thousand of people
envy our life, our studios, our acres of open space
and trees...`god mel, you just run your own life, here
in this wonderful, i envy you.`

funny, i never envy them, money, power jobs, bmw's.
not for a second. perhaps picking to be an independent
artist/craftsman was the right thing to do years ago.

was just looking at my razor sharp, perfectly tuned stihl chain
saw, the little one..the snow is melting, almost time
to do some spring pruning. tools...what amazing things they
are. i don't even have to take it to hance hardware and give
it to stan to make it run this spring. i know it is perfect. old stan
never gets to touch my tools. i do that. (and, i have a
diploma from hennepin votech...course in small engine repair/passed A+.)
almost as good as a ph.d.
paying for service is like paying interest on credit cards. for some, it
never ends. i choose never to pay interest to anyone.

"Luck is prepaid."
from: mel/