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wanderlust: artist cooperatives in duluth mn

updated wed 29 mar 06


Tony Ferguson on tue 28 mar 06


Our coop has two 3 bedroom openings and I think a 1 bedroom ($500 1400 sq feet)available. The 3 bedrooms are 2000 square feet at $756 a month (everything included you pay electricity which is about $18 a month) with access to common spaces (clay room, painting/sculpture/wood, performance/dance space mirrored, pool and community center downstairs, gym, etc.

We want our own back 20 or 40 but we try not too complain. There is St. Scholastica, University of Minnesota Duluth, Lake Superior College, University of Wisconsin Superior, Duluth School of Business are all within 6 or less miles from each other. I've taught a the local and a college more North. Many artists live here in the Duluth/Superior area. Our kids go to a public magnet school that also has instituted the Lenard Bernstein model. The school is very diverse culturally with spanish and Ojibwe language being taught at the kindergarden level. Also, large home school population here.

Head engineer of historic railway system is a friend of mine. Said they are definetly talking with Minneapolis about putting in a line from Duluth to St. Paul and tie to Minneapolis light rail. We are going through a similiar experience you are. I want my kids to be able to go to college as well which has contributed to my motivation to seek full time teaching in the MNSCU system. We would like to stay in MN or WI for family reasons and we like 4 seasons.

There is still affordable housing around here even (if you can find a job) though Duluth and surround area around lake and beyond is becoming a second home for the cities folks which as inflated the prices drastically. I sell the majority of my work an dour income comes from online and I supplement with workshops, websites, occasional teaching.

I am thinking ahead in 30 years when there is no oil in a nation whose infrastructure/transportation was build on cheap oil, the state of our economy, etc. and trying to position ourselves in the best possible place. I don't know where that is--maybe its here. I can't help but think access to clean water, organic food (which is very important to us) and the ability to grow one's own food will become an important thing--at least for us.

Tony Ferguson

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