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colored slip / wanderlust - ugh!

updated fri 31 mar 06


Chris Campbell on thu 30 mar 06

Angie -

There is a whole world of color if you use
the Mason Stains that are designed for
use in clay bodies.

Most pottery supply places carry a wide
selection of colors that you can mix into
your slip.

They will also be happy to advise you on
which ones to use and what percentages
to start with.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina -
As to Wanderlust ... I keep that for vacations.

We stopped counting job transfers after we
crossed 20. Covered most of Canada and
the east coast of the USA.
Now the pure joy of staying in one place is
luscious ... to go shopping and greet someone
you actually know ... doesn't sound thrilling
unless you've been a stranger everywhere.

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