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updated mon 3 apr 06


JOYCE LEE on sun 2 apr 06

And if you've taken a look at Paul's pots, you'd want to sign up for
classes at U of Garage too!

Tay Tay, in Rock Tex

I am the pleased owner, and have been for sometime, of an oversized Paul
Herman teabowl ....... it's a quiet piece, doesn't demand much of =
probably because it's so sure of itself having been created and fired by
a Bloomin' Genius of a potter. Besides quiet, it's also lush and rich =
silky smooth....... and everytime I look at it, which is many times a =
I note something unnoted before..... a narrow amongst the narrowest of
black lines, slightly blurred here, sharper there, perfect for this pot. =
appearing? No. Contrived? Definitely not. Blends beyond blending =
browns to beiges to a touch of yellow..... no, gold........ mellow, =
perfect. =20

I know you'd think so, too, if you saw it. But you, too, would have to =
years unofficially studying this bowl to fully appreciate it.... what =
pots are
meant to be. =20

In the Mojave recalling all those university professors who refused to
go to bat for a Conversational language course which would offer
credit for
a major or for graduate work. We students thought this made perfect
sense. To a being, they replied with some form of ....... "if you want
to speak the language fluently, go to the country, pay attention, =
yourselves in a natural manner..listen to the children speak, =
eavesdrop on the streets........" BUT university time is for studying =
art, the politics, the history, the literature, poetry, music, the =
of the language, yes, the geography maybe since location and
geology can affect cultural and language development......... because =
these are
worthy of University Time."=20

They were right! Of course, we studied all of the above in ........... =
lectures were in
...... the target language. Still, fluency wasn't achieved until we=20
spent concentrated time in the country of our language. I well recall =
so proud of
spending one full day...... and one day only..... pursuing fluency in
Greek....... sort of the Berlitz method....... at the end of the day we =
language students were thrilled that OhMyGod we were speaking Greek!
And understanding one another!! Naturally, it followed as the night the
day that the next week we recalled perhaps a phrase or two ... and the
third week .... nada.=20

I think there is some parallel here between learning
language at a University and learning Ceramic Art in the same setting.
It doesn't mean that pottery can't be Art. We know that it may be. It
does mean that wheel work requires such diligence just to learn the
techniques (much less Master Them) of throwing, for most of us, that it
might be difficult to defend it as Art. I know I'm only now beginning =
feel competent at the wheel, or while firing, or trying to grasp =
of glazes and glazing. Should an institution of higher learning be
accountable for five years of technique development before we can move
on to anything approaching creativity? Of course, if I'd been in Lee
Burningham's (right name, Lee?) highschool classes, then I'd be prepared
for Throwing Art #1 in college......... but I'd also be prepared to move =
more academic and artful approaches to pottery. Ah, to live many lives
and be conscious of all that learning from one life to the next!! And to
have experienced Clayart in each..............