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heating my studio

updated tue 4 apr 06


Alycia Goeke on mon 3 apr 06

liz wrote:
Alycia I am also faced with having my studio on the second floor of my home
into which I recently moved. I am interested in how your heating guy was
able to use the same heat and ac for the house and studio without
recerculating the air from the studio into the house.
My asthma doc is nagging me about this and would like to prevent the silica
from the clay from getting into the return vents. Thought about heppa
filters on the return vent from this room as well as sealing off the
entrance to the studio. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Liz Gowen Port Penn De.
hi liz,
we have two heating for upstairs and one for the main floor..the
heat guy ran a line from the main heater, first floor, with three branches
into my studio..he did not put a return in that room (so the air won't
re-circulate)..the thing is...your heater has to be big enough to be able to push the
extra energy into the space without having the, so the heater
will still work efficiently, and secondly, so it will do the job of heating and
cooling..the door going out to the studio is an indoor/outdoor it
is code and keeps a good airtight seal. this seems to work well..i do notice a
little bit difference in temp. but not enough to warrant a space heater or
fans..i also keep the windows open whenever weather permits...i like working
in natural air and light as much as possible...
just got my grand baby down for a nap and am going to trim some pots..a nice
happy potting.
alycia goeke