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updated sun 9 apr 06


Hank Murrow on mon 10 apr 06

> On Apr 7, 2006, at 5:06 PM, Jodi Henderson wrote:
>> Thanks to Hank, Matt, Steve, and Carl for helping me get up to speed=20=

>> on something I should've remembered.
>> I was one of those kids who did fabulously in the "Humanities" --
>> However, I never encountered a math teacher that showed me the=20
>> usefulness of the work we were doing.
> Well;
> Don't beat yourself up. I railed against my one-sided Jesuit education=20=

> for years until one day I was standing in front of a placard written=20=

> in Catalan(spoken by less than four million people) describing the=20
> Roman baths at Caldes-de-Bui; and realized that I could read almost=20
> all of it. I called my friend Jo=E4n over and he confirmed that I=20
> understood what was written there. I realized that my four years of=20
> Latin and three of Greek had prepared me to understand an almost lost=20=

> language that I had never encountered before. Now, I don't curse those=20=

> Jesuits, and continue to work on trusting my intuition.......... which=20=

> is a concept with which they were wholly unfamiliar.
> Cheers, Hank

Edouard Bastarache on mon 10 apr 06

Hey Hank,

studying humaniries under the Jesuits is one thing but,
trying to win an argument with them is another (Hehehehe).

I also studied humanities for 8 years and still believe
it influences my life; the main point is not to know
if all the information was and/or is usefull on a daily basis
but, it this the way it has formed your mind.
Now you see why I have a book in 8 languages.

Glad to hear you could read Catalan using the knowlege
you got from studying humanities.


Edouard Bastarache

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