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finding one's center (from ill-fitting lid)

updated wed 12 apr 06


Taylor Hendrix on tue 11 apr 06

I really do love seeing how people solve problems. You can often
collect very simple yet elegant solutions.

Case in point. Somewhere I read about a simple jig for finding the
center of round stock (propably in a woodworking mag). You need to
remember that any angle which holds in it's "mouth" a circle, will
once you draw a ray at the halfway point of the angle will by
necessity intersect the center of said 'eaten' circle.

Soooooo, make a jig by building a 90 degree angle with two straight
pieces of wood. Attach a straight edge so that the edge you wish to
mark with is at 45 deg to both of the other legs. Simply set the
round object in the 90 deg mouth and make a few marks across the
straight edge, turning the circle a few times. Lines will intersect
at center.

While I was remembering this it occured to me that a line runing
through the circle (chord) would do just as well. Simply pick a
length that is an easily dividable number and draw a right angle from
the exact center. do this twice around the circumference and you will
find the center. The chords don't even need to be the same length. I
think I used this to find the center of my homemade wheel head.

My head hurts but I didn't have to use the calculator!,

Taylor, in Rockport TX