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updated thu 14 dec 06


Russel Fouts on fri 14 apr 06

Lee Said:

>> It was nice to meet Steve Mills the other day. He is here
staying with my friend Genevive. She has the same woodkiln as mine,
but Steve helped her build a smaller one. She saw him build one of
housebricks in Wales last year and was impressed by how quickly it
went up and how nice the work looked after a 6 hour salt firing. I
will build something like it for bisque and maybe experimental long
firings, stoking infrequently with logs. May or may not use
step down grates. <<

I also saw him fire this little kiln at Aberystyth last summer. GREAT
little kiln. He has the plans for sale on a CD.

I didn't know he was in Japan! Must be nice being retired. Say hi for
me. And to Genevive too.


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shane mickey on wed 13 dec 06

the 1985 studio potter magazines with the rock creek climbing kiln articles are a must read for anyone wishing to get into woodfiring. the contstruction part can take a couple of readings to really grasp all the knowledge, but it is a must read. as far as small kilns go, i disagree with an earlier post. i have built and fired woodkilns as small as 6 cu ft. and they fired fast (under 12 hours) and we designed them to get anagama effects. the design of any kiln dictates what you get out of it. if you want an 8 hour woodfire with very minimal ash effects build a fast fire, either pheonix or olsen. I feel that even the fireface pots of these kilns show very little woodfire effects, unless you take on constant stirring of the coals or do a longer firing. If you would like a responsvie kiln that may take 12-18 hours to fire (still one day) i suggest the ruggles catanary kiln. it can fire with great results and is pretty easy to fire. All that said, research is obviously your best
asset. ask questions, read lots, go visit kilns, come up to mitchell county NC, we have alot of woodkilns that all function well.
shane mickey
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