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whiskered geezer in wood fired suit

updated fri 14 apr 06


Claudia MacPhee on thu 13 apr 06

I am finding this very interesting, but beg to differ on a point. Wood from it's original source costs lots in petro fuel. Don't imagine you'd be cutting down trees with a crosscut saw. Last trip for fuel wood we used a chainsaw, manufactured with metal, shipped long distances. Ran this saw with petro gas, shipped over 1200 miles to us. Also chain oil, ditto. Brought this wood home using a snowmachine, all the above applied. Even if we used a dogteam (as we have done in the past) trucking the feed costs gasoline....the only way that using wood is cost effective is as an industrial byproduct. We use over 10 cords a year to heat our house, shop, sauna and two greenhouses in the Spring. Right now the dollar value of fuel wood is $165/cord. Because my husbands time is 'free' in the winter less expensive than stove oil. If I could get
industrial waste wood delievered to my place I would fire with wood. Until then it is cone 6 electric, hydro supplied by a dam on the Yukon River. Sometimes the 'simple' life is more complex than you think.


Claudia MacPhee, in Tagish, Yukon where my tomato plants now have flowers in my wood-fired greenhouse