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*woodkiln* re: urban woodfires

updated sat 15 apr 06


Mary & Wes on fri 14 apr 06

> Just out of curiosity, how urban have you all seen kilns built? Do

> people ever build kilns in residential neighborhoods?


I have a wood fired kiln in my backyard here in Mc Farland, WI, USA that is
in the heart of urban area. I am lucky that all one has to do is call the
Fire Dept. to let them know that you will be firing. You can burn yard
trash every other weekend under the same rules. I of course talked to all
of my neighbors before I even built the kiln and the village and the Fire
Dept. So far only 1 stranger has stopped on his early morning walk upon
seeing some smoke from the top of 16 - 18 foot high stack to ask if I heated
my house with that thing. It was kind of fun watching him walk up the next
door driveway not seeing us sitting in front of the kiln, he was very
curious. The only comment so far that has been that you can tell when you
are firing when there's 3 feet of flame on the top of the stack and wow,
that 8 foot section of steel culvert does indeed glow cherry red at night.
But with proper stoking you don't get belching black clouds of smoke, I
didn't work that hard cutting and splitting that wood just to send it out
the stack unused, because folks that's what it is, wasted fuel. Smaller
amounts, more often, less wood used, little smoke.

Up here in Wisconsin where the women know how to take charge and the men say
"Yes dear" if they want to see the sun rise in the morning.