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home schooling and like that....ot

updated wed 19 apr 06


Lili Krakowski on tue 18 apr 06

Not having a dog in the fight, never having had a child, never having had
the responsibility of schooling a child, I can sit in the bleachers and
watch ....

There is something to be said however about the history of childhood, as it
were. Tutors and governesses were the norm for the upper classes for
centuries. Better off children WERE homeschooled. Children were sent to
school later in life--like at 7 or so--and even that was because of affluent
parents. The poor did not go to least not till relatively
recently. The working class was homeschooled ..learning the family
trade...but not necessarily the humanities....

Homeschooling as we speak of it today is a new development--much in its
infancy....and I doubt any generalization can (as of yet) be made about who
home schools, why, how, etc. While some people home school entirely, others
turn their children over to strangers from babbas (wrongly designated as
Nannies) to countless classes in this, that, the other thing.....children
being exposed to the kindness of a diversity of strangers to be taught stuff
of questionable merit.

So it is gripping to watch the debate.... And I have read every word with
fascination. I do have a question though....are there any studies out yet
on the PSYCHOLOGICAL effect of homeschooling? I have known some might
controlling possessive mothers in my time, and the ONLY thing that saved
their kids from being totally crushed was the exposure to other voices in
other rooms....Some homeschoolers, it seems to me, are ideologues, eager to
"protect" their kiddies from opinions and people of which they do not
approve...Are there any studies yet?

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage