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one more pers. experience on home schooling

updated thu 20 apr 06


marianne kuiper milks on wed 19 apr 06

I just got in on the tail end of all this and scrolled back. Here are some of my personal experiences, from a wide variety of viewpoints.

The students I have taught privately (music) who were homeschooled were Almost ALL wonderful. And there were more than I can possibly count. (Still have two) There are a few fanatic, weird parents out there but kids were still great.
They are verbal, resourceful, inquisitive. Polite and have much self-respect.
They are prepared and progress is steady. They stick with what they start on a greater percentage. Parental involvement is always great. The children are still free and its in their eyes.

Home sch. students re-entering a public/private school have been very successful, according to my teacher friends and my own experiences.
They do well academically, are organized and motivated.
The only problem they may encounter is when they have a teacher who "disagrees" with the principle. They may inadvertently wish to prove ill results. (Initially. :-)

As a parent: i have homeschooled two of my four children who needed it, and homeschooled a 12 year old who was placed with us as a foster child. She read at a 2nd grade level (reading better than math) and putting her in school would have been criminal. Fortunately I taught at the school so there was no conflict from the principal. She was caught up to 6th grade in 7 months.

My oldest daughter needed to be home because she is very bright and has ADD/ADHD. BAD combination: smart kids are supposed to be perfect. She was punished for discussing Ayn Rand and Shakespeare (Richard II) in school when she was only 9. Sorry about that. She is a writer and makes glorious bookart.

My son was hit by that paddle. one with holes because they hurt better. He was a shy, dreaming, sensitive little boy for whom the world was a miracle. I got him out before life had put all those miracles in a tightly lidded box for him. Socializing? Right. That's how he met the paddle in the first place. He made it to the pre-olympics of PA before asthma forced him off the slopes. He is a singer and a cellist, Eagle scout, sails. Professionally he is a programming engineer (NYU) and a fashion photographer in Brooklyn. He would NOT have been there without the option we excercised for him.

My other two girls (violinist/singer, the youngest PsyD Child Psych student) would have whithered at home. It takes all kinds.
On my part it was a commitment of about 5 years that I will never, ever regret.
We had goats and sheep and chickens, a huge garden and orchard. We quilted and read and wrote and traveled around the world, sometimes for real, others with books and globes and play money. Their friends were not challenged by others.

Schools are great - but harmful to others.
Homeschooling is great - but harmful to others.

Honor the soul, mind and heart of the individual, especially in days when everything seems to be approved by one huge rubber stamp.
Individuals rule individualism.


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