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call to interns / apprentice for ceramic tile company!

updated wed 26 apr 06


Lindsay on tue 25 apr 06

Intern Wanted:

Newsome Ceramic Tile Design, a decorative ceramic wall tile manufacturer
located in northwest Arizona, is now accepting applications for two
internship positions. Newsome Ceramic Tile Design has been in business for
over 10 years and sells its tile nation wide. The internships can range in
length from one semester to one year and are intended to begin either mid-
January mid-May or mid-September of 2006 (these dates are flexible). Both
internships include a modest stipend and housing.

This internship provides a unique opportunity to learn and develop a range
of ceramic tile making techniques and skills while working in the Newsome
Ceramic Tile factory. The intern will assist with all aspects of producing
decorative stoneware tile. Intern will work alongside employees in a in an
established tile factory, assisting with production of decorative tile.
Responsibilities may include mixing clay, operating and pressing both of
our hydraulic and ram presses, tile sculpting, spraying, loading and
firing electric and gas kilns, packing and shipping, and assembling of
sample and concept boards. The intern will research historical and
contemporary tile designs for possible inclusion in the existing ceramic
tile line.

This internship will provide an introduction to plaster mold making. The
intern will assist in the mixing and pouring of plaster production molds.
The intern will learn about proper plaster mixing and pouring, appropriate
release agents, and estimation of amounts needed. They will also be taught
how to produce plaster molds. Problems and solutions will also be

As their final project, the intern will be required to produce, a design,
prototype, plaster block mold, plaster master mold, rubber mold,
production mold and finished ceramic product made from production mold.

Equipment in the shop includes a ball mill, ram press, hydraulic press,
gas kilns, electric kilns, wheel and spray booths

BFA, Undergraduate Ceramic Major*, or equivalent experience required.

*If the applicant is an undergraduate ceramic major, students may be able
to arrange credit at their college or university for this experience.

To apply:
Fax, email or send resume and cover letter detailing your experience and
interest in the position to:
Lindsay Meacham,
Newsome Ceramic Tile Design
PO Box 156
Meadview, AZ

Deadline for Fall Semester: July 1, 2006
Deadline for Summer Session: May 31, 2006

For more information regarding our products visit our website at or or email Lindsay at: