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ot: alia iacta est (if i remember my hight school latin)

updated wed 26 apr 06


Shula on tue 25 apr 06

Well, it was something like that =E2=80=93 the die is cast. I have just acc=
epted a new position with the hospice for which I work. In a couple of week=
s, I will join the software implementation team. That means I will teach co=
mputerized patient documentation and orders to other nurses and possibly te=
am managers, social workers, and chaplains. It will mean i will be back to =
flying out on Sunday and flying home on Thursday night.=20

I expect to join the Phoenix implementation in mid-May and to be there thro=
ugh sometime in July. This is unofficial, so could change. But in case it i=
s correct, are there any interesting clay things happening in Phoenix (or n=
earby) during the evenings mid-May through July or any weekend workshops?

Thanks for your help.

Redondo Beach, CA