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surfing with helen bates - april 21, 2006 - sweden & usa - attention:

updated mon 24 apr 06


Helen Bates on mon 24 apr 06

Replace nelbanell with yelbanell when replying to this post.

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 21, 2006 - Sweden & USA - Attention:
Marie Gibbons

Hello Clayarters,

By the way, if you have a comment you want to send me privately, I
prefer you replace "nelbanell" in the "To:" address of your reply with
"yelbanell" so it can be forwarded to my private e-mail address, which
I don't give here.

On to the sites...

Linda Keleigh (Neptune, NJ, USA) (Attn: Marie Gibbons)
(Smoke and pit fired pottery)

Margareta Bourelius (Loberod, Sweden) (Attn: Marie Gibbons)
(Bourelius colourful mediaeval figures look as though they may be
decorated with "cold finishes.") (Her CV is in English.) (I believe she
has had a show in California.)

Other ceramic artists from the Swedish province of Skane:
(Margareta Anderssson, Eva Bakran, Margareta Bourelius, Meta Braconier,
Sigrid Freise-Cederquist, Katarina Gustafsson, Catarina Hultman,
Birgitta K-Dotter-Ohlsson, Agneta Ljungberg, Maggie Mårtensson, Monica
Prentice, Inger Skoog)

Marv(in) Bjurlin, Neptune, NJ, USA
(Marvin's own interesting work and photos of a Nina Hole workshop and
some of an Eric Mindling tour in Oaxaca, Mexico)


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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