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wood firing/ still finding branches (reposted)

updated sun 30 apr 06


Gary Navarre on sat 29 apr 06

Hay Crew,

Thought I was close to being done cleaning up the Christmas brush when I
found more branches behind the shed smothered in leaves. Must have put
them there in a white out. Got a lot burned in the Koie cooker, the bottom
is full of ash and its about time to get it out and washed for storage.
More shots at:

Driving back from Pete's the other day off I spyed a critter out for a
stroll and had to take some pic's.

Too bad I nailed his cousin on the way back from a meeting in Spalding
three days later. Ahead of me in the dark I saw a slow moving lump in my
lane so I drifted cross the center line to avoid it. As I got closer it
seemed to head to the right and I didn't want to be in the other lane so I
started back to the right too mhen it changed it's mind and went left.
Tha-thump tha-thump a big oll' porkipine for some crows breakfast. Must
have hit it just right cause I didn't get a flat yet.

I figured out something at work. Efficiency is not Contageous! Stay in

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA