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bud vases

updated thu 4 may 06


mel jacobson on wed 3 may 06

thanks steve s.
so glad we got to meet you at nceca.
it makes your laughter even more contagious.

the bud vase.

everyone who has ever taught beginners to throw
will love the hatred of the `bud vase`.

i could knock them off the drying rack with an elbow,
walking past at six miles per hour.
`oh, damn, one of the 2400 bud vases made this
year fell off the drying rack.`

they are always about six pounds, a thick neck and
look something like a german/world war 2 hand grenade.

they also make great weapons. hold the neck and hit
a killer pit bull dog...kill it in one swipe.

god i hate bud vases. like a bad dream.
i am in a room, tables all around me, filled with
unfired bud vases...i have to glaze them all, and fire
them before christmas. and getting the glaze into that
1/8th inch hole with a sauce pan dipper.
and in my dream i hear a 15 year old girl saying.
`mel, will you critique this `bud vase`, it is for my grandmother.
i just adore my grandmother and she loves roses, asked me to
make this for her.` i scream off into the night, tearing my
underwear into shreds.
the historic bud vase was designed for the young glass blower.
nice round bulb at the bottom, and the wonderful pulled neck.
thin as a piece of paper. \lovely sitting on a linen hand made
crocheted doily. my brain goes to 1922.

a tall, thin, nicely thrown, well designed vase holds any flower with
of course wayne will accuse me of hatred toward roses, tell me
my math is h.s. and he will use bad language on clayart.
shame. i have sent a very thin, well made oak 2x4 (not perfect
two by four inches) to gail.
she is going to be using it on her best pal...wayne.
gail is my bit bull.

from: mel/