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surfing with helen bates - may 7, 2006 - italy, uk, usa, muffle,

updated tue 9 may 06


Helen Bates on sun 7 may 06


Surfing with Helen Bates - May 7, 2006 - Italy, UK, USA, muffle,

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To resume:

Recently there was discussion on Clayart of bentonite, and muffle
kilns. These urls are the result of my searching for these terms.

"Pozzo della Cava" (Orvieto, Umbria, Italy)
(Mediaeval and renaissance kiln and pottery in a well and caves
discovered in 1980 and opened as a tourist site around 1998) (According
to the information on the site, this is "the only national monument in
Italy discovered, restored and directed by the owners' family.")
(Medieval Orvieto majolica workshop with; Middle Ages to Renaissance;
more than three centuries of ancient potsherds; a Renaissance muffle, a
small pottery kiln for the third firing for "luster ware")

The Bottle Kiln (Stoke on Trent, England, UK)
(Nice photos and diagrams of bottle kilns, and descriptions of other
uses for the bottle kiln) (Has some information on the use of the
muffle kiln at Stoke on Trent "The Muffle or Enamel Kiln -- A MUFFLE
kiln is very much smaller than the other types of oven and is used to
fire decorated ware. Decorated wares are fired in order to make their
colours permanent as, without firing, these can be washed or rubbed
off. -- A MUFFLE kiln does not require a temperature as high as that
used for BISCUIT or GLOST ware. The flames do not enter the firing
chamber, instead the oven is heated by means of encircling flues. In
this way the delicate colours are protected.")

Frank Colson "Kilns: Theory and Practice"
(This online kiln theory text discusses baffle kilns and muffle kilns.)
("In some cases, kiln designs provided for each burner flame to pass
through a ceramic tube in the kiln, from bottom to top. These kilns
were referred to as "muffle kilns", since they muffled the flame and
used the heat that radiated through the ceramic tubes to reach the
needed temperature. The atmosphere of these kilns was clear and clean,
and oxidation firing the only condition.")

Arkansas Geological Commission
(Has a useful page on "Clay" - definition; mineralogy and clay groups;
classification by use: Bentonite, Bloating Clay, Common Clay, Fuller's
Earth, High-purity Kaolin, Pottery Clay, Refractory Clay)

Preparing Raw Clay (Raw Bentonite)
(Interesting pictures and description of method of preparing "healing
clay" from pieces of "pure" bentoninte clay) (However, I hold no
particular brief for the health claims made for this product.)


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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