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Inge Balch on wed 10 may 06

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In between grading.
K-State will be looking for a full time person with in the next year(I
am told)
See you this summer.

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Hi Jenny,

Copper fumes off pots during a firing - so does chrome.

Perhaps - if you keep the copper and chrome at the top of the kiln -
because heat rises - you may not have the problem.

Chrome can be a real problem if you are trying to fire a glaze with tin
it - chrome and tim make red.


>I am a somewhat new to the world of ceramics. I have been taking
>for a year and have recently set up a clay studio in my home with a
>electric kiln. I have made lots of test tiles and have noticed that
when I
>fire pieces with a copper glaze, the neighboring pieces have evidence
>the copper color on them. I have also heard that greens and reds should
>be fired together. If this is true, does that mean you can fire them in
>kiln during the same firing, but keep them separated, --on different
>shelves? Or, does it mean that you need to fire copper glazed items in
>separate firing? I have lots of pieces with Iron red based glazes on
>and a few pieces with the copper based glaze. Ideally, I would like to
>them in the kiln during the same firing. Is this a bad idea?
>Thanks for any thoughts that you have on this topic.
>Jenny Chicone

Ron Roy
15084 Little Lake Road
Brighton, Ontario
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