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clayart digest - 9 may 2006 to 10 may 2006 (#2006-125)

updated sat 13 may 06


Jackie Shaw on fri 12 may 06

RE: Bill Van Gilder's pottery throwing show on DIY

Thanks, Rob Van Rens, for making Clayarters aware of the "silence"
encompassing the future status of Bill Van Gilder's instructional =
making TV show. It IS a great show for students, and I should think it
would help fill the classes of potters who teach, as more and more =
become aware of the satisfaction of creativity. =20

And, indeed, the more people who are exposed to "what we do," and who
develop an appreciation for all that goes into the making of a pot, the
better off the entire potting community is. Bill is doing us all a =
service by sharing his knowledge and talent and by showing that the =
and soul that goes into the hand making of pottery is something to be
treasured, something far beyond the imported pots for mere pennies in =
big box stores. =20

If his show piques the interest of new potential customers -- either
students or purchasers -- readers of CLAYART could very well be the
benefactors. We all need to let DIY know the show is appreciated. It's
giving the pottery community as a whole free advertising; it's getting
people to talk about pottery! =20

E-mail them at:,2019,DIY_14146_14234,00.h=

Warm regards,

Jackie Shaw=20