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updated sun 14 may 06


clennell on sat 13 may 06

Mel _ I really want to see that flatagama of your's sail. I know this won't
help for this year's camp but here is a plug for the International Woodfire
Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona this Oct.
It is the bargain of the century and they only accept 250 registrants. You
can send all the bisque you want to be fired in 7 different kinds of
woodkilns, one large Tozan anagama, a noriborigama, a large double train, a
train and heaven knows what else. The pre-conference firings start on Oct 3
and the conference is from Oct 11-14. There will also be people doing
different coolings- with reduction cooling being the one I want to get
better at. I'm hoping to be teamed up with Al Tennant who does a hellava
beauty job of reduction cooling. I'm sure that train will be fired several
times. The cost for the preconference firings and the conference is only
$150. Please offer a bursary for one of the Haycreek folks to attend and of
course you ought to go. You'll luv it. they will be your kiln leader in
2007. the conference I attended in 1991 turned my firings around. The place
will be full of people that will offer great advice on kilns, cooling,
glazes, bodies.
here's Jason's website

Let me know what you think All the best Jason
Jason Hess
Assistant Professor of Art
Northern Arizona University
PO Box 6020
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928)523-2398 office
(928)699-8984 cell

Wood I? You bet I wood!