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your studio image at nceca 2007

updated tue 16 may 06


William & Susan Schran User on mon 15 may 06


After Mel shared images of his studio work space,
it had me wondering, "In what kind of spaces do others ply their craft?"

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the work spaces of fellow Clayarters from
around the world?

Zipped off a message to Mel asking about some type of presentation in the
Clayart room at NCECA.

Mel responded, "Great idea, do it!"

So, this is your first solicitation of studio images to be shown at NCECA

Send me one or two low resolution images of the space you work in (to the
email address below) and I will put them all together on CD for show and
tell at our gathering in Louisville.

If you can't be at NCECA, send your studio image with a brief description,
and I'll be sure folks see and hear about your special space.

Thank you, Bill

-- William "Bill" Schran
Fredericksburg, Virginia