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ash and oxides

updated thu 18 may 06


Pat Southwood on tue 16 may 06


Why would tea dust be poisonous ?

Pat. Southwood

claybair on tue 16 may 06

Hi Pat,
That was my question after Gary mentioned he covers it with a clear base.
See Below:

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From: Gary Navarre
Hi Pat, sounds like Leach's Tea Dust (p.170 A Potters Book). I've had good
results with 40 feldspar, 40 ash, 20 ball clay and a few spoons of oxide in
a 2lb. plastic honey jar. Slathered on and covered with the clear base for
functional pieces.

G in da U.P.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tucson, AZ

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From: Pat Southwood


Why would tea dust be poisonous ?

Pat. Southwood

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Ivor and Olive Lewis on wed 17 may 06

Dear Friends,

Ash can pose a toxicity problem if you are not careful in your selection =
of raw materials. Often processed wood is treated with Chrome, Copper =
and Arsenic solutions, under pressure, as preservatives. These remain as =
residues in the ash.

Some years ago I had an unexpected result from an as I had prepared from =
scrap timber from around the property. A supposed blue ash glaze came =
out of the kiln a most delicate violet. Due to Copper preservative from =
the wood, the cobalt carbonate I use and reduction. Now I leave all =
scrap timber for the Termites.

Best regards.

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.