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subject: re: glaze weight and viscosity

updated fri 19 may 06


Ed Huml on thu 18 may 06

"Glaze weight/density and viscosity are very different properties.
All you need to know about the viscosity is how to make it repeatable, you
don't really need to know the actual viscosity (in centipoise). To do that
all you need is a very simple device."

When I took John Hesselberth's workshop on kilns and glazes in PA recently
he had an easy way to figure out your glaze density to repeat accurately
time you mix (you know, "just like heavy cream"). When you have your batch
just right get any old measuring cup that you can fill up to a line. Use
this only
for this test, so you don't lose it. Then he said very simply weight it on
gram scale and note the weight on your glaze recipe. Mix your glaze each
time to the same weight and you have a consistent thickness/density.

This beats the heck out of dipping my finger in the glaze and then
running up to the kitchen to look for the pint of heavy cream, or was
it half and half? Gotta love Clayart. Simple.

Ed Huml