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updated sun 21 may 06


JOYCE LEE on sat 20 may 06

I gave wrong information yesterday about the Executive
Suite for the Galt House. It's not TWO bedrooms. It's
ONE bedroom with two beds plus a living room. The
bedroom however is "larger" than the regular rooms. It's
$129 a night rather than the $112 that the regular room

Thanks, Veena, for the heads up. I did decide to keep the
bigger room. I'm arriving on the 13th and leaving on Sunday
the 18th. I'll still be on the cane most likely, though I am
going to Occupational Therapy five days weekly.

Several buds upon learning that I was born in Louisville have
e-mailed asking about various points of interest. I really
can't answer (Dolita could, I'm sure) since I was only a baby
at the time...... didn't even know I'd wind up a potter......

In the Mojave Desert of California USA 130 miles south of our
new poster, Beth, who is located in Bishop near Mammoth Mountain.