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more questions on glaze viscosity vs density.

updated fri 26 may 06


caterbeth on thu 25 may 06

Dear Most Honorable Glaze Masters,

First I would like to thank all who responded to my earlier post about
measuring Glaze weight and glaze viscosity. John Rodgers, Bruce Girrelle
and Ellen Currans were extremely helpful in providing practical techniques
to measure both.

I was reminded in one of those responses that glaze density was not the same
as glaze viscosity (I'm sorry I forgot who mentioned it.) My question is:
In order to control glaze thickness on a pot, what factor controls this? Is
it density or viscosity? Both? I need to understand this from the most
practical perspective you, glaze masters, can provide. I'm asking because
I have trouble dipping glazes on my pots with uniformity from day to day.
Some of my glazes are very sensitive to (what I call ) thickness (also to
precise temp control and overheating.) I understand the technique to
measure both but which one counts?

Do I want to do a drip test to get my pots glaze the same every time or do I
want to determine a glaze density number. I'm guessing both will work fine
(for my needs) but I want to understand it better. Help please!

Boy oh boy, do I need Ron R's or John Britt's class! Wish, wish, wish I
could go.

By the way, you guys rock.

Beth Eisenberg-Schapera
Bishop, CA
4.5 hours from a shopping mall in the middle of a National Wilderness area
Famous for Mule Days (really, this is big stuff in our town...largest Mule
show in the county happening this week)