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bonsai pot glazes

updated fri 2 jun 06


Linda T Ferzoco on thu 1 jun 06

Check out these antique Japanese bonsai pots, which my
sensei purchased in Japan:

I'd forgotten that I had these photos and just
rediscovered them while cleaning out some old files.

Note the one on the bottom with the pinholing! I
don't know what she paid for it (in the hundreds for
sure, maybe much more), but I know that her class
drooled over it, me included.

Hell, I oughtta be able to make a pinholed green (or
other color) glaze.

Now I've gotta go find that Hamer and Hamer and look
up glaze defects, pinholing, and do it!

Cheers, Linda Ferzoco
Pacifica, California

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