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new crystalline glaze forum

updated sun 4 jun 06


William Melstrom on sat 3 jun 06

The new Crystalline Glaze Forum is at:

For many years, crystallier Fara Shimbo maintained an excellent crystalline
forum, but recently she gave it up, citing too much spam and two many
hassles. The crystalline community has been mourning ever since. I finally
made some time to create a new forum. Everyone, artists, collectors,
beginners, professionals, fans, enemies, and the curious are welcome.

This is a really good place to ask questions, whether you are a beginner or
an old pro. A lot of very experienced artists are just chomping at the bit,
waiting to help you with your problems. It's also a good place to show off
interesting crystalline results.

If nothing else, you should at least go to the forum and read post #11 by
Kris Friedrich. Kris recently hosted a workshop with Peter Ilsely, which was
attended by several of the biggest names in crystallines, including John
Tilton, Diane Creber, Ginny Conrow and Jesse Hull. Post #11 will lead you to
pictures of some amazing glazes that came out of the workshop.

So, please take a look, I hope you enjoy it, and please contribute. The new
forum has been up for exactly a week, but it seems pretty healthy.

Thank you!
William Melstrom
The new Crystalline Glaze Forum is at: