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online mfa colleges offering the degree response to vince's

updated tue 6 jun 06


Dannon Rhudy on mon 5 jun 06


Elizabeth said:

> If I expected to live til I was 80, I might just do
> it. But those of us with time limitations have to
> pick our battles and the irony of it is that when you
> choose one, you fight harder than ever to get it.........

One of my favorite undergrad students was a woman
who celebrated her 80th birthday and her BFA in the
same week. She even started on her MFA, but decided
that she did not want to do some of the work required,
and after all she did not need to do it. Too much commuting....

I've been off-list for weeks, and tuned back in just in time
for some major scraps. Nothing unexpected, but no matter
how many times this subject is discussed, interesting views

People are very decided, on this subject.


Dannon Rhudy