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updated wed 7 jun 06


Kathy Rhoades on tue 6 jun 06

Fred Parker wrote:
> Mel -- and all of Clayart:
> When I entered basic training in the Air Force....

Very Nice analagy Fred. Paints a clear and truthful picture of my thoughts on Clayart.

I put my hands in clay 10 years ago, even have that MFA, and I feel like I might have that first strip, working on the next. I even teach it but I figure I will always be working on that next strip or bar, just like life, long ways to go, never will get it all, but I can't quit trying. I want it all anyhow.

So many on here have been doing this their whole life. Can you imagine what they know? Wow! And we are in awe and grateful for their generous spirit of sharing. I don't ask many questions because it's been asked before. I go to the archives first, well, there it is, someone asked before me. Many times I'm just about to ask something and there, the question shows up for me. Now how did they know I was interested in that! AMazing! It shows to go ya, we are all the same. Still, praise to the elders! Those that have come first! We all need someone to look up to, to strive to be. Your it as far as we are concerned.

MFA's? Just a piece of expensive paper. I spent a lot of time and money teaching myself. If i had any idea at the time that I could do this without it I would probably not have "Purchased" it. But I did, I love to teach, I'm learning more and more, about clay, about people, about life, about me. Wouldn't not do it. Nothing beats having a student come up to you at the end of the semester and say, "If I couldn't come to this one class, I might not have graduated from here, I would have quit my senior year!" WOW! Those are the ones whose eyes you have opened up to see. Maybe just one, maybe three a semester, but that's what it is all about. Getting to just one!

So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you clayart. Many of us are here, listening and laughing with you all We can't always be see but we help hold you up as you do us.

Kathy Rhoades in PA