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bisque wash update

updated thu 8 jun 06


Mud Duck Pottery on wed 7 jun 06

I received 31 responses to my question on bisque wash or not.

All but 5 wash their bisque in one form or another. Most seem to prefer =
to sponge, a few run water over the bisque, a couple use compressed air =
to remove the nasties and one mists with a spray bottle.

So I took three pieces of bisque sponged one,washed one under running =
water and cleaned one with compressed air. I let the washed ones dry =
over night before applying glaze and firing to cone 6.

To be honest I could not tell the difference from one or the other if I =
had not known which methods I had used on which pots.=20

Keep in mind I was not cleaning my bisque before I asked this question. =
Other than using compressed air if the piece had been sitting around for =
a while.

So I would say if it's working for you then keep on keep'n on!!!

Thanks for all the replies to my curiosity!!

Gene & Latonna