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clayart digest - 2 jun 2006 to 3 jun 2006 (#2006-149)

updated thu 8 jun 06


caterbeth on tue 6 jun 06

Dear Kiln Gurus,

I am in the market for a used kiln. Naturally, my budget is meager. I have
recently been offered a nice size electric automatic Gare Kiln. I can't
find any information about Gare kilns online. Has Gare gone out of the kiln
manufacturing business? How can I find out specifics on this kiln?
Unfortunately, the person selling it bought it and NEVER used it although
intended to. It is a second owner and the 1st owner only did low fire. I
need something that will reasonably go to ^8 or ^9. Does anyone know info
about Gare kilns, or where I might find info? Also, if you own a Gare, can
you please tell me where to find the model number and the serial number on
the kiln. (Yep, the owner can't find it !!)

As always, deeply grateful for everyone's help.

Beth Eisenberg-Schapera
Bishop, CA