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converting a barn to studio reflective covering...

updated tue 13 jun 06


m.mshelomi on mon 12 jun 06

There is a reflective paint with an R value that depends on the color
chosen that is sold under the name of Radiance. I think that is about

Used it on all of my walls when living in MN. Did notice that my heating/
cooling cost went down.

miriam (pottermim)

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From: "Hank Murrow"
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 11:41 PM
Subject: Re: Converting a Barn to Studio

> Dear Norman;
> Glad you found my post useful. Remember the Rule about radiant
> heat........ reflect it back before it is absorbed by the building. It
> will run much more efficiently this way. Perhaps there is an infrared
> reflective paint you could do the walls with. I used foil-covered
> bubble wrap just inside the drywall on my setup in the studio.
> Cheers, Hank