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full spectrum lighting, was converting a barn to studio

updated tue 13 jun 06


Linda Ferzoco on mon 12 jun 06

In another life, I have raised canaries, show
canaries, song show canaries, not colorbred canaries.

Anyway, if you raise birds indoors, as most of us do,
you need to compensate for the missing light spectrum
or add vitamin D and other things to the diet.

Maurice is right, the lights labeled only daylight
will have their color temperature in the 5000-6000
range, but for the best (that is closest to full
spectrum light), you need to spend a little more.
Such as for:

And for showing colorbred canaries, the breed
associations required lighting above 5500K and CRI
greater than 92, so that the colors were rendered

Check this article:

SOME of these lights provide UV A and some UVB
wavelength light. When I have spent many, many hours
in the bird room, I have received a tan. Yes, a tan,
in January.

Since I've already had precancerous lesions on my face
requiring 3 surgeries, I'm careful.

I would get the lighting that could demonstrate little
or no UV emissions.

Here's a warning from Columbia Presbyterian, where
they're studying anti-depressant and other effects of

Cheers, Linda Ferzoco
--- Maurice Weitman wrote: For a
little bit more, you can buy
> bulbs that are closer to what is called "full
> spectrum" and actually does a better job of
> mimicking daylight