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kids and cups-project

updated thu 15 jun 06


Sam or Mary Yancy on wed 14 jun 06

Several Times I have made cups and given them "bisked" to friends that had small kids or a new baby. I included some glaze and told them to make hand and foot prints from the kids on them. Then write their name on the cup. Told them to clean off the kids carefully and treat the cops carefully too. When I got them back, I would touch them up as needed and clear glaze and fire them. They always came our great and I have gotten many thank-you's over the years for them. And they keep them -usually in a safe place. Just a fun thing to do - but perhaps another product for you. I still cherrish a hand print clay piece that my daughter made when she was 3 years old. Peace, Sam in Daly City , P.S - you could buy slip cast cups and make this a project for pre-school kids too - what a great present for mom or dad.