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memo from the children's table

updated thu 15 jun 06


Lee Love on wed 14 jun 06

On 6/14/06, Marcia Selsor wrote:

> The Spanish have a saying, one needs only to travel with what is in
> our minds. I guess it doesn't matter where one gets their knowledge.

I understand the strengths and weaknesses of both the
University system and the traditional apprenticeship system. They
really compliment each other.

I find it ridiculous to categorically dismiss either method .
While I share some criticisms of academia with Malcolm, I would like
to see positive changes, rather than categorical dismissal or
beliefing it has no right to exist.

It is the same with apprenticeship systems. There are many
ways that they need to be made more humane, if modern people are going
to be willing to participate in them. I invision both systems
working together, each learning from the other.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan
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"The accessibility of the handmade object in today's world seems vital
and radical, and hopefully tempers our hunger for 'progress' and
rationality" - , Michael Kline