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surfing with helen bates - june 25, 2006 - usa, uk, china

updated mon 26 jun 06


Helen Bates on sun 25 jun 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - June 25, 2006 - USA, UK, China

Hello Clayarters,

This is my first "Surfing" post at my new address: labellenell At
yahoo Dot ca. I'm sorry it's so terse, but I've a lot of "catching up"
to do.

47th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (Winter Park, FL, USA)

Tara Dawley (Kansas City, MO, USA)

Andy Titcomb (Cornwall, England, UK)

Phyllis Howard (Butt Hinge Pottery) (Yarmouth, MA, USA)
(I don't know if she is still active. This work likely dates from the

SP Miniatures (Hightstown, NJ, USA)
(Miniature porcelain and pottery with links to 2 dozen potters)

Early American stoneware (NY State manufacture)

Ovoid jug forms - a Google Image Search

Sue Orlaske (Summerville, OR, USA)

Christine-Ann Richards (Wanstrow, Somerset, England, UK)
"A Celebratory Trip to China in 2003" written by Richards about her
trip to Jingdezhen, China

Li Jiansheng (Professor at the San Bao Ceramic Art Institute,
Jingdezhen, China)
(aka "Jiansheng Li", "Jackson Li" and "Jackson Lee")
(Jiansheng Li's grad show, Alfred, 1995)
(Li was an artist in residence at Dickinson College in 2004.)
(Marv Bjurlin's January 2003 group trip to Yunnan province in Southern
China to visit kiln sites, museums, paper and textile workshops,
temples, and much more. Traveling companions included Li Jiansheng,
wife Ying and sister Wenying.") (High quality photos - require
broadband capability)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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Maurice Weitman on sun 25 jun 06

At 04:12 -0400 on 6/25/06, Helen Bates wrote:
>This is my first "Surfing" post at my new address: labellenell At
>yahoo Dot ca.

Hi, Helen, and clayarters who might be cornfused by the use of "At
yahoo Dot" type devices to foil spammers in their attempts to search
the web for email addresses.

There's no reason for trying to obscure your email address when it's
in your From header. Being in a header is all spam harvesters need.

Maurice, whose new clayart email address, is ready for
spammers to enjoy. After 18 months of use on clayart, momud3 was
receiving about 50 spam messages a day.

So far, my main potter email address, just plain mud at the same
domain, remains virtually spam free after four years of use.

It's been in the low- to mid-90s here in Fairfax, California, though
our fig, nectarine, and Asian pear trees have yet to show fruit.
Still hoping...