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surfing with helen bates - june 26, 2006 - israel, usa, switzerland,

updated tue 27 jun 06


Helen Bates on mon 26 jun 06

Japan, Iceland

Surfing with Helen Bates - June 26, 2006 - Israel, USA, Switzerland,
Japan, Iceland

Irit Abba (Jerusalem, Israel)
(Thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery, functional and sculptural
vessels) (Teaches at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem)

Mary Dewey (Athens OH, USA)
(Bisqued cats are coloured by exposure to smoke from a sawdust fire)
(More Dewey cats and some views of the artist's process - Dewey's Cats
have become traditional gifts and omnipresent decor in the Lilley

Maria Kohlas (Fribourg, Switzerland) (German and English)
(Raku pots, ball forms, and jewellery)
(Click on "Hauptseite Page principale" to start)

Mary Frances Eggleston Mexpressions (Alexandria, VA, USA)
(Student and Teaching Assistant in Northern Virginia Community College
Ceramics department, which is Bill Schran's baileywick) (Functional and
sculptural clay work; crystalline glazes, raku, conventional glazes)
(Trained originally as a painter and has a couple of lovely
semi-abstracts on the site)

Harvey Young Pottery in Mashiko Japan
(Another potter in Mashiko) (Produces high fired stoneware for kitchen
and table, as well as vases, incense burners and the like) (Works on an
electric powered wheel, designs his own moulds and also uses extrusion
and slab techniques.)

Steinunn Marteinsdottur (Hulduhólar, Iceland)
(Another potter who is also a fine painter) (A senior potter who has
never lost that "wow" factor, she tudied in Iceland and Berlin in the
late 1950's and has worked in her studio in Hulduholar since 1967 where
she runs a ceramic school as well.)

Gudrun Halldorsdottir (Reykjavik, Iceland)
(Pieces are hand built, and often burnished and sawdust fired)
(Sculptural work: painted figural busts, ceramic quilt, raku vessels,
smoke fired torsos) (Some images can be enlarged if you can use the
right click menu to and view them.)

Holmfrithur Arngrimsdottir (Olafsfirth, Iceland)
(Lamps in a funky style, ceramic bases; luminaria and other pottery in
a light mood)

The Icelandic Society of Ceramic Artists (Reykyavik, Iceland)
(All females!!!) (Scroll down and click on names on the left to see
individual potters' work.)

The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SIM)
SÍM, in cooperation with Reykjavik Art Museum has a guest studio for
visual artists in the SÍM House in Reykjavík. The apartment and studio
is intended for use by Icelandic and foreign artists.


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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