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surfing with helen bates - june 26, 2006 - uk, usa, japan, china

updated tue 27 jun 06


Helen Bates on mon 26 jun 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - June 26, 2006 - UK, USA, Japan, China


Here are some sites I collected while reading Clayart and musing over
terms like earthenware, vitrification, durability, etc., plus some
artists brought to my attention during the same period in May 2006.

They are in no particular order.

Rupert Spira, (Rupert Spira Ceramics) (Bishop's Castle, Shropshire,
England, UK)

Jeri Hollister (Ann Arbor, MI USA)
Thanks to Gail Dapogny for bringing Jeri to my attention.
(Horses sculptural and line drawings on tiles)

Tsuchiya Noriyasu (Shimoda, Japan)
(Tsuchiya, who was apprentised to Tatsuzo Shimaoka for 3 years
(1968-1971), now heads his own kiln site.) (Possibly some kindred
feeling to John Glick in his approach to glazing?)

Gary Eagan and Steve Beacham (Spring Street Pottery) (Eureka Springs,

English-German Glossary of Geological Terms for Thermal Energy
Applications in the Ground
(Includes several terms relating to clay or earthenware.) (I came
this when I was searching for the explanation of why some
machine translators [such as Altavista Babelfish] give "clay/tone" when

asked to translate the German word "ton" in a German text about
Evidently the translator may not be able to deduce from the syntax and

context of the passage whether the desired English word would be "clay"

or "tone" [as in musical note.)

Peggy Boskey (Teapot Treasures (Larchmont, NY, USA)
(Contemporary teapots, handcrafted teapots, Japanese cast iron teapots,

cast iron teapots, Japanese tetsubin, tea pots, collectible teapots)

The 3rd. Biennial Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ceramics by Young
Translation: Tiny URL:

Ceramic Material Composition of Hand Formed Bathroom Sinks>
("Generally speaking wares made from earthenware are not as a group as
vitreous or durable as other higher temperature clay products. However
with proper body formulation earthenwares can be made both vitreous and

strong and can be adjusted to fire over a range of temperatures.")

China Terms and Definitions
("Ironstone: a much abused term that should be used only in reference
earthenware of good quality and better-than-average strength. True
ironstone was originally developed in England. Originally it was a form

of stoneware said to contain powdered iron slag. Ironstone has a
slightly porous body.")

Burleigh Pottery (Ironstone)
("What is ironstone? Ironstone is earthenware that is fired to a high
temperature which makes is harder and more durable. Burleigh products
are fired to 1160C - 2120 F") ("What is in Burleigh's clay? Ball
clay, china clay, flint and felspar. The flint gives the body extra
strength and the felspar is a flux. (A flux causes a chemical reaction
during the firing process which creates a higher temperature")



Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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