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surfing with helen bates - june 27, 2006 - uk, usa, canada, romania,

updated wed 28 jun 06


Helen Bates on tue 27 jun 06


Surfing with Helen Bates - June 27, 2006 - UK, USA, Canada, Romania,

Micki Schloessingk (Gower, Swansea, Wales)
(Salt glazed functional pots, using French stoneware clay from La
Borne, fired in a cross draft, wood-burning kiln)

Kowkie Durst (USA)
(Fellowship Exhibition, Archie Bray Warehouse Gallery, Helena, MT, USA)

Cone 10 Studio (Austin TX, USA)
A working group studio with space for lease, classes, and a small
gallery for resident artists, including clayarter Carol Hirsh:
Carol is also a member of GACA, the Greater Austin Clay Artists:

GACA home page:
Clayarter William Melstrom is another member of this organisation:
For a one-stop list of the rest of Bill's urls click on:

Robert Sutherland (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
(That beady white glaze)

Other ceramists using a crawl glaze formulation:
Clayarter Mary Fox (Ladysmith, BC, Canada)
Shane Norrie (Ingersoll, ON, Canada):

Clayarter Bacia Edelman (Madison, WI, USA):
Chris Parris (Valatie, NY, USA)
Clayarter Alisha Clarke (Amherst, MA, USA)
Clayarter Brian Gartside (Pukekohe, New Zealand)
Hank and Kathy Evans (Sapart) (Nottingham, England, UK)
Coyote Clay and Color (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
(Makes several cone 6 crawl glazes: the usual disclaimers apply, and at
least one other manufacturers makes a crawl glaze.)

Pit Transylvania S.R.L. (Hand made ceramics) (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Romanian terra cotta folk figures; hand made traditional plates from
Horezu using kick wheels and simple finishing tools such as cows' horns
and goose feathers; traditional pitchers from Korund and Oboga regions.

St. Petersburg Clay (St. Petersburg, FL, USA)
(Emmanuel Roux is a French citizen and a Florida restaurateur. He is
leading a tour in October 2006: "2000 Years of Pottery in France",
sponsored by the St. Petersburg Clay Company)
The tour is being organized by the French Travel company Decouvertes: (PDF)
(Decouverts' itinerary for the 2000 Years of Pottery in France tour)

Philip and Frannie Leach (Springfield Pottery)
(Hartland, North Devon, England, UK)
(Phillip is the grandson of Bernard Leach and son of Michael Leach.
They use a clay that is a blend of red Stoke Marl, Fremington clay and
Hyplas 71 and decorate using a mixture of techniques and a choice of
five glazes of their own recipes, using Borax, alkaline and lead
biscuit frits.) (The work is utilitarian and beautiful.) (I presume the
Leaches have made a conscious decision to continue using lead frit in
their glazes, as have numerous other potters in the UK and Europe, I

Iris Minc (Purple Sage Pottery) (Merrimac, MA, USA)
(Traditional functional glazed stoneware pottery, lead free, as is most
American-made utilitarian pottery nowadays.)

For Tony Clennell - Wikipedia on Potassium carbonate, or Pearl Ash


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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