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the juggling act, or kelly and elizabeth's mfas

updated wed 28 jun 06


Elizabeth Priddy on tue 27 jun 06

If our ridiculous bickering has made you feel more
sure of yourself and your ability to go for it, I am
glad it occurred.

For me it has been a diversion from what I recall from
college as "hell week". It is exam time in 6 days. I
have banked half of my show on raku and it has rained
the last three days. I hate glazing and always have.
My husband is having to take off work this week so
that I can get ready....

You may be thinking that I have some magic discipline,
but I don't. I have worked in fits and starts,
getting my peer arguing and support from clayart,
online even. the large bruhaha over wood kils and
whether it could be or should be done small and at
cone 6, remember that. that was my midnight bullshit
session with peers. It took a couple of weeks, lots
of typing, but I could not ask for better people to
hash it out with. And in the end, Diana Pancioli,
ironicm, that one is, gave me the help I needed to get
the look with cone 6. So it is a small world in the
learning track. And then there is Tony Ferguson's
site on raku. And there are rounds with Tony. There
may be lots of people who have had an evening or two
talking with Tony, but he and I have had some real
quality time butting heads. And Vince. We are
friends, I am proud to say.

I have peer support. Now, Marcia says I don't have
accreditation for the U. of E. I admit, I can't back
that up. But I'm working on it.

I would have to live in 50 states and a handful of
countries including Japan to get what I get here.
Just the airfare would cover tuition for a few years.
I'm good. And my show is coming together. The chaos
in my studio is the proof I need that it is all going
according to plan.

I never did well in regular college. The best advisor
ever, told me once "You tank as an undergrad. You
would really shine in graduate school though. There
are less hoops and more real work." I am sad that I
cannot do the whole deal. Of course I am. But if I
can generate the kind of discussion I need here, then
here it is. And if I grow 75% as much doing it at
home as I would at a school, then there is 75% that I
have that I would not have.

Do what you can. And no less than that. And when
people give you shit about how what youare doing is
not good enough, throw it back in their face. As
often as it takes.

And kidwise. I live far away from all family, hours
for all of them. Jeff and I have cared for Logan
single-handedly except for 6 weeks after I had back
surgery, a druggy blur of time that my mother-in-law
kept the household moving. I have put the baby in
drop-in day care for 4 hours total. There will be
more this upcoming week, but that will have to be ok.
Other than that, he has been with me or Jeff 24/7. So
I worked at night or during naptime or with him there
next to me. He watched my first raku firing from his
stroller. he has not suffered and every time I felt
like quitting, I remembered that there was someone
watching me and doing as I do, not as I say. So
quitting when I said I would do something was not an
option, role model and all that, "mom".

Now I did not announce what I was doing, as I knew
people would ridicule it, as they did. And there was
a distinct possibility that I might fail real hard.
But I didn't/haven't, we'll see next week.

Thanks for the support.

And write me if you ever need a boost to keep you
moving. I;ld swap babysitting time and all that, but
the commute is a deal-breaker.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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