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updated wed 28 jun 06


Gary Navarre on mon 26 jun 06

Hay Crew,

Saturday was the "Art For All" show again and this year I found out I
earned some paid personal time off hours so I used a few to visit some
local potters I met last year. This year Alex Morgen and his cousin were
demonstrating for the crowd and when they took a break let me have a go.
I shot a few stills and stuck them in the first album but really wanted
to try out the movie feature in the Pentax Optio 60 and made about 6
clips of varying lengths for posting with Fotki's new video support.
Since I'm waiting on DSL I chose for the upload and just
waited the couple hours. Worked on the kiln site for a while. Guess
that's called multi-tasking, eh? And a search of YouTube for pottery gave
an interesting result of a guy in India throwing on a big stick wheel. I
always wanted to try one but the meningitis took my legs some and I can't
honked down like that anymore. Hear is what I've managed so far, be
patient if you have a slow connection like mine;

Also added some stills for slideshow. Looks like Fotki improved the show
page by eliminating a bunch of junk around the "screen" so there is a
larger picture. Fiddle with the menu link on the right and change speed,
loop, or full screen. The text covers the speed a bit but it is findable.
They just keep getting better and easier. I tacked on a few shots of the
arch templates on the end of ...

... and started another album with the 2 new 100 watt flood lights I got
at Home Depot so I could work at night. That is a big help.

That's enough entertainment for now. Any problems or other feedback with
the new video feature would be appreciated by us who use Fotki. Just
click on the Guest Book and post. Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA