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: what are you reading... the classics.

updated sat 1 jul 06


m.mshelomi on fri 30 jun 06

Have been going back and reading the "classics". Have found that the
impression formed in my youth still holds...

Moby Dick, David Copperfield and books by Thomas Mann are still on my
list of watching paint dry would be more pleasing.

The Lord of the Rings, Franny and Zoey, and the plays of Arthur Miller
were thrilling.

Have been re-reading the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Seminars in Art that
were a gift from my parents back in the late 50's... Lots of memories

Just before bed, my favorite is an anthology of Haiku. Allow myself one
a night to ponder as I drift off.


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From: "Richard Aerni"
>...... Isn't it fun to go back and reread "the classics" at a more mature
> Sometimes leads to a better appreciation of them, sometimes the other
> occurs. Sort of like going back over old ceramics magazines years
> find a whole new source of ideas and things to think about,
> that
> passed you by on first reading.
> Best,
> Richard Aerni
> Rochester, NY (really have to get glazing now)