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surfing with helen bates - june 29, 2006 - usa, canada, uk

updated sat 1 jul 06


Helen Bates on thu 29 jun 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - June 29, 2006 - USA, Canada, UK

Sharon Edwards-Russell (Associate Professor, Art, Anne Arundel
Community College) (Arnold, MD, USA)
("The work displayed on this site is based on the primary shapes of
circles and squares. [...] In addition to the choice of shapes and the
order of the elements, the texture and tactility of the clay surfaces
evoke a visceral reaction by their basic but subtle qualities.")

Leland Hall (Before the Wheel Enterlprises) (La Pine, OR, USA)
(Clayarter Leland Hall's raku art pottery vases for sale) (Some readers
may remember that Leland had a disastrous fire a while ago and is just
getting back on his feet.)

John Neely (Department Head, Professor of Ceramics, Utah State
University) Logan, UT, USA)
(Neely's pages at Utah State University, Logan website),so%20you%20do%20it%20for%20the%20ash.htm
(Canadian potter Richard Selfridge spent nearly a month in 1998 at Utah
State, Logan doing wood firing in a workshop organized and taught by
John Neely and Owen Rye of Australia.)

Adelaide Paul (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Garth Clark Gallery
(Exquisite sculpture but be prepared to be disturbed)

Richard Baxter (Leigh on Sea, Essex, England, UK)
(Porcelain, Blueware, Terracotta, Workshop glazes)

Ron Martino (Mississippi Clayworks) (Hastings, MN, USA)
(Stoneware pottery designed to be "unique, functional and affordable")
(Also sells Mata Ortiz, Paquimé and Casas Grandes Pottery, and
Tarahumara Indian Pottery and Baskets)

Hodaka Hasebe (Pittsford, NY, USA)
(Functional stoneware pottery)

Mary Tremayne (Vernon, BC, Canada)
(Builds up laysers of colour on each stoneware pot using an airbrush
and coloured porcelain slips and underglazes. The pots are then high
fired sometimes 3 to 4 times. Post firing additions of various
materials may be added.)

Betsy & John Powel, (Salt Marsh Pottery) (Dartmouth, MA, USA)
(Drape formed delicately hand painted wildflower impressed pottery)

Ancient Pottery Operation Found (Angel Mounds, Newburgh, IN, USA),2933,197681,00.html
More info on the Angel Mounds pottery for those who may be interested:


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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