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500 pitchers

updated wed 2 aug 06


Bonnie Staffel on sat 8 jul 06

Dear Clayarters,

I just received my copy of the 500 Pitchers book, anxiously awaiting it =
as I
was notified that my pit fired pitcher was in it. Leafing through the =
presented such eye candy. Still haven't seen all the pitchers. Anyway, =
have not been able to put this pot up for sale as it looks so nice in my
living room. There are some pots that one just needs to keep for a =
It is a constant reminder of such a pleasant experience with Ed Gray in =
three weeks that we spent making these large pots and submitting them to =
pit fire. Most of them emerged unscathed and with nice markings, but =
one was so unusual I had to keep it. Have to give many kudos to Ed for =
experience and assistance in achieving another goal in my life. =20


Bonnie Staffel
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JOYCE LEE on sun 30 jul 06

I do enjoy looking at pots and pictures of pots! Lark's 500 series
sure helps satisfy that urge. At first I thought I'd be viewing them
for inspiration when stuck for ideas. Funny thing, though, once
one really gets into the joy of pottery, books aren't necessary to
provide ideas .... not like they help with how-to's. That's a very
different tale. I can use all the how-to help available and
still experiment constantly.

What delights my senses in this 500 book is the work of many
many clayarters, yes, but especially that of Bonnie Staffel and Bacia
Edelman. Incredible. We know that each is older than I am... and
that's getting pretty old, indeed, by anybody's standards. These
two buds are not only still pitching their pitchers, but have original,
current work that might have been created by any incredibly gifted,
confident, curious potter aged maybe 35-40 or so ...... with 50
to 60 years experience!

Thank you, loves. You are dear to my still developing Potter's Soul.

In the Mojave Desert of California USA

Bonnie Staffel on mon 31 jul 06

Dear Joyce,

You brought tears to my old eyes by your kind words. I really feel in =
of all those beautiful pitchers, but sometimes one does get a "ringer" =
you have to go for it. I just added a new Blog message to my web site =
this honor. =20

I might add that Cat Jarosz has a pitcher shown as well. She is one of =
number of favorite cyber buddies with whom we email every day. She puts =
efforts to shame by her work ethic and talent. Bacia and I confer
occasionally to make sure we are both still moving All an =

Clayart has brought these friends and others not mentioned together, =
our lives, livelihood, sorrows and laughter. Sure does keep me young of
heart at least. Life is just too short to accomplish all that one has in

Warm regards,

Bonnie Staffel
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