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nceca 2007 louisville - panel presentation accepted

updated tue 11 jul 06


Donna J.S. Causland on mon 10 jul 06

Dear Clayart friends:
I am very happy to announce that NCECA has accepted
our proposal for a panel presentation in Louisville.
Title: Studio Potters - Sharing the Dream
Distinguished panelists: Chris Campbell, David Hendley, and Dannon Rhudy.

My sincerest thanks to Clayart as this panel was formed in
response to clayarters' comments that there was not
enough on the program in Portland of interest to studio potters.

I also greatly appreciate the endorsement we received from
the Potters Council in support of this panel.

Thank you all for your interest, comments , and support.
We would love to hear more of your concerns as we
begin organizing the material that will be presented.
I believe all three panelists will be attending the
Southern Fried Symposium.

Thank you all so much. I am honored to moderate this panel.
Donna Causland

Ken Nowicki on mon 10 jul 06

A huge congratulations for everyone involved in getting this on NCECAs agenda
for 2007!!! Whooo Hooo! Job well done!!!

Nice to know that perhaps things with NCECA will improve for it's every
changing member base... yay!!!

- Ken

Ken Nowicki
Port Washington, New York
Charter Member Potters Council