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surfing with helen bates - july 12, 2006 - uk, china, usa, denmark,

updated thu 13 jul 06


Helen Bates on wed 12 jul 06


Surfing with Helen Bates - July 12, 2006 - UK, China, USA, Denmark,=20

Harry and May Davis (Crowan Pottery) (Crowan, Cornwall, England, UK)
("Harry and May Davis met at the Leach Pottery, and were married in
1938. They set up Crowan Pottery in the mill house in Crowan in 1946,
and stayed until 1962. They were eccentric, idealistic and immensely
practical, producing functional pottery of great beauty out of very fine
stoneware, or porcelain, often decorated with brushwork or wax resist.")
(Images of their work, reminiscences by neighbours and employees.)

Richard and Carol Selfridges (Alberta, Canada / Jingdezhen, China)

(Or use Tiny URL: )
(Pictures and text of their 2006 Jingdezhen residency by Clayarters=20
Carol and Richard Selfridge) (Material on Jackson Lee [Li Jiansheng])

Schoonover, Reid (Working Man Studio) (Oshkosh, WI, USA)
(Four pages of zoomable thumbnails of Schoonover's striking forms)

Oleflemming Nielsen (Knudsgaard Pottery) (Timkirkevej, Denmark) (Danish, German, some English)
(For what it's worth, for a Danish-English translation:
Tiny Url:
(Nielsen makes "jydepotter" based on the traditional Danish black=20
pottery from Jutland.) ("After drying the pots were fired under a large=20
iron pot [...] in a fire fuelled by wood. The pots were wrapped in=20
straw, an the iron pot placed over them. At 800 C the oxygen in the big=20
pot is used up, and the pots become black as a result of the reduction=20
process.") (The Danish site has the most photos, perhaps of some other=20
firing processes using propane, but still done out-doors or in a pit.)

Potter, builder and educator Marvin Bartel
"A pre-school child learns observation drawing"
See also:
"Ways not to kill classroom creativity"
Basic web address for access to all M. Bartel sites and pages:
Main Bartel Home Pages:

Clayarter Bruce Davis, and potter Brian Nettles after Katrina
Dateline: Gulfport, MS, USA (Jackson Free Press)
("Objets D'Espoir: Artists Put It Back Together Again")

("C=E9ramiques Kedidi is a family business founded in the begining of the=
century by late Fradj Kedidi.") (Tiles and traditional vessels in=20
Tunisian designs)

"Born of Clay" Photo Gallery by Dror A at (New York, NY, USA)
("Born of Clay" show of ceramics from the National Museum of the=20
American Indian)

Andrews University, Architecture Resource Center, Berrien Springs, MI
("Differences Within Functionality") (Robert Briscoe, Sam Chung, Charity=20
Davis-Woodard, Julia Galloway, Dick Lehman, Warren MacKenzie, Ellen=20

Lairy And Mark Try Speed Pottery (Somewhere Zoned Out)
(The Gerard Manley Hopkins of pottery poetry?)

Best wishes,

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada