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two things: clay storage; ice tea pitchers

updated thu 13 jul 06


Lili Krakowski on wed 12 jul 06

Definitely old iceboxes and freezers are great for clay storage. BUT one
must make sure the doors (or tops) have locks removed.

And then: One of problems of clay storage (which has not yet been
mentioned) is what in technical/ scientific terms is called "smooshing".
I.E. When clay is put atop fresh soft clay the bottom layer is compressed
and becomes extremely difficult to dig out! I have used all sorts of hand
trowels and similar garden tools, and it still is an impossible task.

My solution (oh, yes, Emily, mine IS a coward soul) is to let that
impossible layer dry out, knock it out of the bucket, and reclaim it.

And, shallow tubs, as distinguished from 5 gallon buckets have an advantage
because one cannot pile too much in vertically....

As to ice tea pitchers! The Dollar Store and like that have cheap 2 quart
lidded plastic pitchers which, I found this Summer, are wonderful for slip
and glaze pouring. I am going back for more!

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage