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updated wed 19 jul 06


Jean Cochran on sat 15 jul 06

freedom and responsibility-long

Hi Ya'll,

I am terrified of tarantulas, even scared of the word.

Grew up in Florida with those huge house spiders, like tarantulas without so
much fur, but considerably larger than my hand. This is a gut feeling,
right down to my primitive soul. One got on my leg when I was a teenager
and I screamed for hours. I can hear them crawling and know the sound if
they fall.

Once I decided that it was crazy to afraid of a spider and the next time I
saw one I would analyze its' small size and my large size. Well one got
between me and the door. I stood on the other side of the room near the
screened in window (about 6' off the ground) just watching it. My cat
walked over to it and took a swipe at it, causing it to run all over the
wall. Gone from my soul was any civilized thought! Flat-footed I dived out
the window, landed in a forward roll, on my feet and running. No thought,
no fear of the height or of breaking my neck, just escape. This isn't one
of those "Oh I'm a girly and afraid of spiders, you great big handsome man."
type thing. It is deep down in my soul.

As an arachniphobe, I read "Tarantulas in Carson City" by Mark Twain. I
laughed till I cried.

I am not, however, frightened of small spiders. Have a little jumping black
furry one with green eyes in my studio. I'd have a fit if anyone hurt it.
Go figure. This may not seem to relate to pottery, but it is the sole
reason I never went to a pottery workshop in Mexico and stayed in one of the
village huts. I really wanted the experience and don't mind battling the
"touristos", love the Mexican people and the culture. Mexico is where I
first fell in love with pottery.

Jean Wadsworth Cochran

Elizabeth Priddy on tue 18 jul 06

freedom and responsibility-long

I think that "correct" spellings of non-english words
in english text are always suspect.

One can always just go by the standard Oxford, but I
will go with my gut.

Their is a distinct softness to the B in Buddism that
seems to require the h so I would go with Bhuddism
just for the phonics. And most of my texts in the
early 80/s spelled it that way and it stuck with me.

But either way you spell it, the sense referent is the
same and the inference conveys, so spell however you
please unless you are being graded.

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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