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riegger's purple raku glaze

updated sun 16 jul 06


Steven Branfman on fri 14 jul 06


You wrote:=20
>> Kitty- Just where did you get this Riegger formula?=A0 This is NOT=A0 a
>> raku glaze formula!=A0 When I had Hal Riegger conduct a raku workshop
>> here at the Colson Studio in the early sixties, he introduced this KD
>> Purple formula which matures, if you want to call it "mature" at C
>> 012.=A0 Cone 012=A0 is reached at 1591F.=A0 The glaze is used only for
>> effect and it ends up looking like a purple soda of the '40's., which
>> is what it IS to look like.=A0 The bubbling will never "de-bubble"
>> because it is meant to look like and stay looking like purple=A0
>> bubbling.
>> I personally use this glaze rarely, since it is a pain to handle even
>> after you put your pot on the fireplace mantle.=A0 You'll fined little
>> purple bubble shards if you handle it too much.

It has been a very long time since I have made a post to CLAYART. I have=20
been skimming my CLAYART mail, occasionally reading posts carefully. Sure,=20
issues have been discussed, questions asked, conversation continues, and man=
topics have interested me. I have in fact replied to posts here and there=20
privately, off CLAYART. However, your reply to Kitty got under my skin. Enou=
gh so that=20
though it has taken a couple of weeks, I am replying in this public forum. I=
don't like your answer and I don't like the inference that my book may be=20
innacurate or carry false information.

First: Hal and I met in 1988 when I first began research for "Raku: A=20
Practical Approach." We quickly became friends and that friendship grew to a=
intimacy and closeness that was very special. Enough said. Hal shared that r=
with me and not only gave me permission to publish it in the second edition=20=
"Raku" but asked me to.

Second: You yourself acknowledge the recipe as one that Hal introduced at a=20
raku workshop. On the other hand you choose to deny it as a raku glaze. What=
are you talking about? What is a raku glaze after all? Where are the definit=
instructions for making a raku glaze? For calling a glaze a raku glaze? For=20
using a glaze in a raku firing? What is the required temperature for a raku=20
firing? cone 08? Cone 012? Cone 06? Cone 10? What is "raku" as we practice i=
t in=20
the west after all?

Anyone can practice pottery in whatever fashion they desire. You can label=20
processes, name and categorize glazes, do whatever you want in the privacy o=
your own studio. But when you are in the public eye, teaching, giving advice=
influencing, sharing, I would urge a bit more openess and tolerance. You ass=
a responsibility to those who look to you. Making a statement like "This is=20
NOT=A0a raku glaze formula!=A0" is intolerant, narrowminded, presumptuous, a=
arrogant. More significant is that it is misleading to those looking for hel=
p and=20

Steven Branfman